In the stage of quality control, Natakit Co.,Ltd. has received ISO 9001:2000 certificate and still continually developed to achieve goals of success. Moreover, we attempt to maintain improving our process system to reach a high standard of rapidity and efficiency. You can easily perceive this system according to Quality Management System (please look at the chart above).

In order to achieve an accuracy of measuring and inspecting products, we provide CNC CMM to assure our customers in the measuring and inspecting process. Furthermore, CNC CMM can be utilized in the process of size measuring of products from new molds, this ensures a better accuracy than its old measuring method.   

Natakit Co.,Ltd. also realizes of the color measurement of products, from using eye-sight and comparison between products into utilizing the color measuring machine which provides higher efficiency, that is a general standard using in medium and extensive factories. Color measuring machine also assures customers’ confidence and trust.

With a highly acceptancy we obtain from customers in Hard Disk industrial fields for whom we manufacture ESD Tray for Hard Disk Drive, Natakit Co.,Ltd. focuses on a strict improvement in every aspects such as producing environment, materials, inspection and services. This improvement provides efficiency in producing products in every industrial fields as well as leads to customers’ high satisfaction.

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