Mold Market
In term of building mold, our well-equipped factory endeavors to manufacture plastic injection mold under an exceptional skills of our domestic mold craftsmen, in order to obtain quality standard which equals to overseas market such as Japan, Europe and America. With this attempt our own personnel in mold section have regularly been trained and developed by outside mold consultant specialists. Furthermore, through an enthusiasm in seeking for additional knowledge of molding scope to extend practice, our company is highly accepted among customers with its accuracy and effectiveness in mold manufacturing as well as its on-time delivery.

Natakit Co.,Ltd. has the potential and proficiency in manufacturing small molds, sizing not more than 350 tons, which are mostly parts utilizing in many industries such as electric equipment accessory, measure tools, hard disk drive accessory and electric system accessory using in automotive.

Our factory is equipped with modern technology injection machines, utilizing CAD and CAM; modern computer integrated production technologies, in designing and building mold. Additionally, we frequently give and advice or share experiences with our customers in the stage of Production Design, as a successful path to achieve their requirements at lower investment costs.

An expertise and intelligence in molding scope that Natakit Co.,Ltd. thoroughly holds not only facilitate manufacturing new mold but also give profit in modifying injection mold according to customers’ needs.

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