"J-QUIK" Quick Fitting for pneumatic and water
an International Standard Thai Product
      Natakit Co.,Ltd. is proud to present Quick Fitting product under the company registered trademark “J-Quick”. This high quality product undergoes modern technology procedure and ensures 100% quality control. We has mainly strived to set J-Quick , our proud Thai product, in a competitiveness rank with products from Japan, America and Europe, however cost lower price to be another option for customers. This Quick Fitting is widely utilized in nearly all kinds of industries such as in machinery air-fitting, product transporting system, robot, printing machines, etc. The fitting can be easily used in conjunction with polyurethane pipe , just only directly connect both together then the pipe will be tightly locked, also it can not be easily loosened even when encounters air pressure coming from air system. J-Quick is highlight in its enabling for pneumatic and water circuits, and also provides for strong connection and easy disconnection. J-Quick offers an alternative of sizes, designs and colors. The following details displays qualities and features of J-Quick.

One touch fitting J-Quick maintains common and easy assembly for
Extra lock J-Quick is intelligently developed and designed with
much shorter steel keepers and provides wider locked areas, thus enabling high strongness. Additionally, the quality of its higher durability, especially in using with urethane pipe, achieves competitive advantage among other same products such as in Japan or Europe market.
Easy to Disconnect J-Quick maintains common and easy disconnection for Users
For air or water With high quality materials which are engineering
plastic and stainless steel, J-Quick is available to be used in pneumatic and water circuits, not decayed and also reduce deposits coming from water and humidity, all of these qualities completely dominate J-Quick out of other product designs. Furthermore, due to its capability of using with water, J-Quick constantly suits water filters, cold-water maker machines, water cold-casting system in machinery and plastic injection mold.
High durability J-Quick is developed under unique and distinctive
design with its shorter and wider steel keepers. Additionally, utilizing high quality plastic and stainless steel as materials, J-Quick will not be rusty or rottened even under high humidity or wet condition. Thus J-Quick confidently ensures its high durability in every condition of use, even utilizing with “air”.

Due to advantages over other products, Natakit Co.,Ltd. believes firmly that customers will achieve their requirements and satisfactions.

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