Electroforming and Plastic Industry , the Process that you know or not?

Reinforcing nickel metal instead of jointing in order to facilitate reparation or modification.


Iron Model
To be modified

Select Plate Area

Plate Nickel

Plated Area

Advantages over jointing.
 - Easy to decorate, appearing no edges after decorating or polishing.
 - Unrisk of high heat which commonly causing iron to be bent
 - Convenient to reinforce metal in wider area with lower manufacturing costs.
 Building color-spray jig in automotive industry, electric equipments, audio accessories, etc., using copper as a material.
Plastic Parts
Prepared for making jig
Plate Copper/
Duplicate the
Jig Assembly

ŘAdvantages over jig made of resin or other materials.
 - Providing high quality jig since plated copper enables a firm attachment to the master model.
 - Offering high durability for copper metal,ensures strongness meanwhile endures cleansing with solvent.
 - Lower manufacturing costs as compared with other jig methods.

  Making high quality cavity such as lipstick covers, pen covers, doorknob buttons, emblem, etc, to replace general iron cavities.
Build Stainless Model/ Polish surface/Check
Plate Nickel/
Plate Copper
Take off the
cavity form master model

Advantages over general iron cavities.
 - Able to build high quality cavity, the capability that general methods can not provide, such as making hairline or chamfer patterns, a letter relief in cavity or on mirror surface.
 - Decreasing a processing time since copper permits much better heat conductivity than iron.
 - Nickel surface provides high strongness, endures every environmental condition and also refuses rust.

  Making sparked copper in replacement of general copper patterning methods.
Negative Casting
Plate Copper on model
Take off Copper from model

Advantages of making sparked copper using duplication plating method.
 - Able to completely duplicate with full details.
 - Enabling low manufacturing costs, but obtaining high detailed model.

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